eBook: Testing GPS with a Simulator

Testing GPS with a SimulatorIf you are creating location-aware systems, such as wearable technology, fitness bands, handsets, or smart watches, and need insight to verify your design works, then this eBook explains how to ensure your customers don’t get lost.

You'll learn about the different methods that can be used to check a GPS-enabled device and find out how to measure performance of different features with a range of tests.

The eBook also explains:

  • What a GPS simulator does
  • What tests they produce
  • Which tests are right for you

About Spirent

Spirent has been the global leader in GNSS testing for near 30 years. Spirent delivers navigation and positioning test equipment and services to governmental agencies, major manufacturers, integrators, test facilities and space agencies worldwide. Find out more about our GNSS integration solutions here.

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