David DeSanto

Title: Director, Products & Threat Research

David DeSanto is a network security professional with over 15 years of security research, security testing, software development and product strategy experience. He is a strong technical leader with a firm understanding of TCP/IP, software development experience including automation frameworks and a deep knowledge in securing the enterprise network.

David is the Director, Products & Threat Research for Spirent Communications where he drives product strategy for all Application Security testing solutions. He also manages the security engineering team responsible for the research, development and validation of new security attacks (i.e., exploits, malware, DDoS attacks) as well as development of all engine components that support them. Prior to Spirent, David’s career has included roles at the industry’s top security research and testing labs where his expertise guided these organizations in creating industry-leading security tests and solutions for enterprises, services providers and network equipment vendors.

David holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Millersville University and is finishing his Master of Science in Cybersecurity with NYU School of Engineering. He is a frequent speaker at major international conferences on topics including threat intelligence, cloud security, GNSS security issues and the impacts of SSL decryption on today’s next generation security products.

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