What are Examples of Useful Results in DCN Testing?

OnDemand diagramWhile some executives realize that testing has its benefits, they sometimes lack an understanding the finer details. Management teams need proof of value they can relate to. What specific results do you get from testing before going live, and what good is it really? Below are samples of the kind of test results a testing lab might expect before launching an IT initiative:

Provisioning and performance errors are discovered and fixed prior to go-live

Incorrect firmware, hardware and software incompatibilities, cabling issues, unexpectedly poor performance, and more. Specifics include:


  • Incorrect firmware identified
    Risk if Unaddressed before launch: Firmware mismatch can lead to failed design implementation
  • Port configured in wrong mode for expected throughput
    Risk if Unaddressed before launch: Inaccurate performance expectations leading to inadequate capacity in production environment
  • Design flaw causing failover >30 seconds
    Risk if Unaddressed before launch: As multiple systems are dependent on specific failover timing, possible system crash can occur; customer dissatisfaction, revenue loss


  • System unable to meet maximum throughput in design criteria
    Risk if Unaddressed before launch: Hit on budget before the expected investment cycle; possible system crash during peak usage; customer dissatisfaction, revenue loss
  • Transaction rate failure due to equipment problems
    Risk if Unaddressed before launch: Severe customer dissatisfaction, revenue loss

Performance metrics obtained throughout network domains—Benefit of Results

  • Allows customer to understand performance and latencies at high loads
  • Provides insight into when the system is most vulnerable to failure
  • Facilitates informed current and future network planning

Verified network reliability and availability—Benefit of Results

  • Testing ensures quick, effective failover with minimal impact
  • Don’t depend on a real-world failure to understand your design weakness or effectiveness

Validation of security effectiveness and performance—Benefit of Results

  • Determined ability to mitigate malicious attacks on network and database
  • Impact of multiple security features on infrastructure performance

As the old addage goes, ‘Knowledge is Power’ and knowing what your network’s strength and weaknesses are before launch is critcal to being able to make changes where attention is needed, as well as to assure your management team that the initiative is good-to go at the moment of launch.

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