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At the latest OmniAir Texas Plugfest, key players in this arena came together to re-assess their readiness for V2X deployment. Read about current developments on efficient test tools that speed-up the deployment of V2X technology, help enhance road safety and intelligent transportation systems.

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By Spirent On November 13, 2011
4G, LTE, TestCloud

Ever been in a situation where you have four full bars but can’t make a call? I have, and that’s what made me realize that signal strength is but one of many factors that affect connectivity. Fancy wireless techniques like spatial beam forming and frame aggregation between the cell tower and the phone sounds really cool but if the network is congested at the back end then magic on the radio side won’t amount to much for the user. One of the major challenges faced by operators ...

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By Spirent On November 8, 2011
4G, billing, GTP, LTE

The hype, and in many cases concern around DPI has always been strong. It has triggered provocative debate on the Internet around privacy, end user rights, the role of the operator, and the extent to which they can monitor what applications we send and receive on the Internet. The truth is that DPI isn’t just an emerging technology; it’s actually a reality, showing up on traditional fixed line networks, enterprise networks and most recently on mobile networks. Recently, Telefo...

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By Michael Keeley On January 1, 2011

The current large-scale rollout of commercial non-proprietary LTE is our industry’s most ambitious initiative since the first cellular networks were launched years ago. Designing mobile devices for LTE is very different from previous mobile design efforts, mainly due to three key factors: Complexity – LTE brings major changes to every link in the network from the core to the mobile device. Multi-technology support – Subscribers expect voice and data applications to run ...

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