Generate, understand, and protect against RF interference

Whether you’re designing a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) chipset, or integrating a receiver into a device, RF interference can undermine positioning performance and compromise user experience.

Testing against different types of GNSS interference is a key consideration in the development of successful products, and Spirent have developed the GSS7725 to make that more accessible for more businesses.


GSS7725 software screenshots

Introducing the GSS7725

The Spirent GSS7725 is a dedicated RF interference generator that turns I/Q files into interference signals.

Combined with a GNSS simulator, the GSS7725 lets you test your chipset or device in a variety of different interference environments, under controlled, repeatable conditions.

Unlike other standalone interference generators, the GSS7725 seamlessly integrates with Spirent GNSS simulators, test packs and automation tool.

Test a range of interference models

The I/Q files that the GSS7725 uses to generate RF interference waveforms can be loaded from a variety of sources. These include:

  • The Spirent Vulnerabilities and Threats Test Pack – this contains 33 pre-recorded interference signals, covering a broad spectrum of real-world interference types
  • The Spirent GSS200D – you can access interference you have recorded and stored in PT Cloud
  • Spirent Professional Services – we can work with you to develop the custom I/Q files you need

Want to test even faster? The GSS7725 works alongside Spirent PT TestBench to support automated testing of RF interference scenarios.

PT TestBench and Cloud screenshots

Convert I/Q files into interference signals
Allows the playback of real detected events or custom RF Interference sources for repeatable and accurate testing of a GNSS-reliant system or device against the susceptibility of GNSS vulnerabilities.
Plug and play
The GSS7725 was designed by Spirent engineers to seamlessly integrate with Spirent GNSS simulators and Test Packs, saving you precious setup time.
Testing against interference without hassle
With a dedicated GUI and remote commands interface, operating the GSS7725 is easy. Choose the waveform, frequency and alter interference signal levels in real-time.
GSS unit icon
All-in-one unit
The GSS7725 has embedded a GNSS and interference signal combiner, making it an all-in-one system for GPS and GNSS interference testing.

GSS7725 Overview

An overview of the capabilities and applications of the GSS7725 Interference Generator.

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Fundamentals of GPS Threats

Understand how the growing threats to GNSS-enabled systems can impact your device – and, importantly, what you can do about it.

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How to Construct a GNSS Test Plan

A guide to the essentials, written to help engineers devising a GNSS or GPS test regime for the first time.

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