Understand positioning systems’ interference performance

The GSS7765 package, when combined with one of Spirent’s GNSS satellite constellation simulators, offers a comprehensive solution for testing satellite navigation equipment in the presence of intentional or unintentional RF interference.

Features & Benefits

Market-leading accuracy and fidelity
High quality simulation - built on 30 years’ experience - improves system accuracy and reduces field testing, debug times.
Flexible configuration
The system comprises one or more high quality commercial signal generators plus an Interference Combination Unit (ICU), and offers a very broad range of interfering signal options.
Powerful software
GSS7765 is supported by Spirent’s SimGEN™ for Windows® software suite supporting three operating modes.
The GSS7765 supports up to four fully independent interference sources by the addition of extra generators to the single-source base configuration.

Key features of the GSS7765

  • Control via Spirent’s SimGEN™ for Windows® software
  • Fully supported in SimGEN™ for Windows® scenarios
  • Full control over interference signal content and dynamics
  • Wide range of interference types
  • Large power and frequency range
  • Modelled and static operating modes
  • Interactive mode enables power and modulation to be controlled in real-time
  • Multiple configurations
  • Up to 4 fully independent interference sources supported
  • Compatible with embedded jamming (where available on the underlying system)

GSS7765 brochure

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Understand interference effects

PNT systems can be affected by a wide range of interference which can result in loss of position or timing accuracy, or even worse, cease operating altogether. Solar flares, radio emissions in nearby bands, deliberate jamming or spoofing can all contribute, meaning that designers need to understand and test the resilience of products and services that rely on high accuracy navigation and the precision timing that GNSS can provide.

Learn the fundamentals of GNSS testing

Get a fast introduction to GNSS simulation, and discover its crucial role in efficient GNSS receiver testing.

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System errors and solutions

To learn more about common issues and how to fix them, take a look at our eBook; you might be able to get to market faster.

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Choosing a GNSS Simulator

How do you decide which GNSS testing device is the right one for you? Download this eBook to discover how to choose the best method for your device.

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GSS7765 Datasheet

The GSS7765 offers a comprehensive solution for testing satellite navigation equipment in the presence of RF interference.

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Education & Implementation Services

Spirent provides comprehensive instruction on the latest technologies when and where you need it. This helps to maximize your test system and improve your products.

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Support Services

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