It’s all about performance

Readying wireless devices for network deployment is an increasingly diverse and difficult challenge. In addition to voice and video quality, you need to thoroughly test areas like signaling, data throughput and mobility. Spirent’s industry-leading radio access test systems cover these critical test areas for all wireless devices.

Leading the industry in audio quality testing

The new Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec is delivering higher audio quality to wireless devices and Spirent is working closely with leading chipset manufacturers to expedite the rollout. The EVS codec allows service providers to optimize network resources and call quality at the same time; however, devices need to be tested comprehensively due to the extent and robustness of the EVS feature set. Read Spirent’s white paper to learn more about the EVS codec and the testing necessary to address the specific challenges associated with EVS-enabled devices.

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Solutions for the wireless device lifecycle

Research & development
Spirent offers a range of innovative industry-leading test systems that are easy to configure and use for testing any or all flavors of LTE technology, including LTE-Advanced, FDD, and TDD.
Conformance and certification
Spirent helps manufacturers, application developers, and operators address signaling, data throughput, mobility, and other cellular specification conformance requirements. Whether you work with LTE, UMTS, CDMA, or EV-DO, Spirent supports all major wireless technology areas.
Carrier acceptance
Leading carriers demand performance that goes far beyond industry-standard conformance.  Spirent’s solutions enable you to validate the most stringent requirements, including IMS signaling themes, mobility scenarios, and user experience evaluation.

What to test


Audio Quality

Test audio performance including new EVS codec implementations for VoLTE, VoWiFi, 3G, and OTT voice including leading edge EVS codec implementations


LTE, UMTS, and CDMA devices

Comprehensively test all wireless devices and services for any network technology


Video Quality

Test video performance in the lab on both up and downlink for IR.94 and OTT applications


VoWi-Fi and ViWi-Fi

Test functionality and performance of both audio and video over Wi-Fi including mobility to/from cellular networks


MIMO Over-the-Air (OTA)

Get a complete performance picture of the MIMO antenna and accurately validate LTE data throughput under challenging conditions


Service interaction

Evaluate the interaction of multiple simultaneous applications on a device

Testing Voice over Wi-Fi device performance

More and more wireless carriers are turning to Wi-Fi networks to expand their reach and offload high-bandwidth traffic, including voice. This presents unique challenges to operators in assuring the same quality of experience to which their users have become accustomed.

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Innovative R&D device testing

Elevate your approach to end-to-end wireless device testing. Spirent Elevate® solves the interoperability problem posed by device-to-device services such as VoLTE and brings repeatable voice, video, battery, and other user experience testing into the lab.

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Simplified MIMO OTA testing

The performance of your MIMO-based wireless devices is sensitive to antenna design and motion, so it needs thorough lab testing.  Spirent’s channel emulators give you a calibrated environment with unprecedented accuracy and reliability for MIMO OTA throughput testing.

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Reduce drive testing

Cut down on the time and cost of live drive testing. With virtual drive testing using Spirent’s channel emulators and Live2Lab® Virtual Drive Test - Conversion Tool, you can capture, save and “play back” a complete RF environment in the lab—a perfect solution for busy drive-test engineers and managers.

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Radio access technology products

Spirent 8100 LTE

Test a variety of LTE wireless devices and chipsets with a modular design that scales to your needs

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Spirent Vertex™ Channel Emulator

The world’s most scalable channel emulation solution, ranging from SISO to high-density MIMO applications

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Spirent Elevate

Simplified end-to-end testing for next-generation wireless services

Wireless device radio testing experts

Spirent is widely regarded as the global expert in wireless device radio testing. If you have a wireless radio testing requirement that’s not covered by our standard solutions or services, we can almost certainly develop a tailored solution for you. Please contact us to see how we can help.

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White paper

LTE Advanced - Carrier Aggregation: Introduction and Implications for Mobile Device Testing

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White paper

TD-LTE and MIMO Beamforming—Principles and Test Challenges

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White paper

Testing CDMA and EV-DO Mobile Terminal Devices: Beyond Conformance

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